A Comprehensive Guide to Moving

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Whenever a move is on the horizon, we know that you will have a bunch in your head. From informing your friends and family to home hunting to choosing a moving company in Killeen, there’s no question about it that moving is a massive endeavor, that necessitates a lot of preparation and organization. Feeling a bit overloaded? Don’t be anxious, we’ve got your back! Our comprehensive moving guide offers everything that you need for a smooth and successful move to Killeen.

1. Check out your new city. Ahead of choosing to move anywhere, it’s usually a good idea to go to your new town. Sure, you can head to all the sights, but don’t just visit as a vacationer. Drive through subdivisions. Take note of where super markets, gas stations and schools are situated. Think about your everyday life and how it might transfer to this different area.

2. Investigate schools. Whenever you happen to be touring your new area, identify the schools which your kids will be attending. Take a look at the surrounding subdivisions as well as do a little online research to see how the public schools rank along with what private school options are accessible in the community.

3. Create a moving budget. Let’s be honest, moving isn’t inexpensive. Even DIY options include a significant price. And should you be moving an extended distance, a professional mover in Killeen will definitely make the job less hectic. Remember to incorporate some additional for unanticipated expenditures, because they commonly seem to occur. In the event that you happen to be moving for a job, talk with your employer to ascertain if any of your moving costs might be covered.

4. Find a place to live. If you have children and have investigated what school you would like them to attend, your choices of a location in which to live have probably been narrowed down some. But, regardless, a real estate agent can guide you through the home hunting process. A qualified realtor will show you properties in your choice location and be able to answer any concerns about the neighborhoods.

5. Examine moving companies. Choosing an honest professional mover in Killeen is crucial for your move. Conduct your research by checking Google reviews and the BBB scores. Talk to other people who have moved fairly recently and learn what moving company they used. Obtain several quotes from different movers to compare. Ask questions if you don’t fully understand anything on the quotation and make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. Remember, if a quote seems too good to be true, this may be a warning sign.

6. Select a moving date. If you are wanting to move in the middle of the summer months, you will need to get with your moving company in Killeen to verify your chosen dates as far in advance as you possibly can. Summertime is recognized as peak season for moving, hence dates fill up swiftly. On the other hand, should you be wishing to move over the winter or early spring, you might have your choice of dates and might end up expending a little less. You will regularly pay a premium for moving during peak season.

7. Begin obtaining your moving supplies. By simply acquiring boxes right now, you could be a little step ahead when it comes time to pack. You can buy boxes from your local moving company or from most big box retailers. Don’t forget other moving products, such as tape, bubble wrap, newsprint, box knife, and so on.

8. Have a plan for packing. In advance of when you actually conduct any packing, think of your plan. It is a good idea to check your items ahead of time and choose what you are planning to take with you and what you don’t require anymore. Have a yard sale or donate to a charity the items you don’t need to move. After that, you can start packing non-essential things including basement and attic belongings and also out-of-season items. After that, proceed to things that you won’t require for the following couple of weeks. Hang on until the days prior to moving day to pack items which you make use of regularly. Make certain and ask your moving company if there are items which they can’t haul inside the moving van, including live plants, combustible things and perishable food. You should come up with alternate measures for these items.

9. Pack your suitcases, too. If you will be on the road for a couple of days in route to your new residence, you will need clothing and toiletries for the journey. Make sure and set separate anything that you'll need on the way to ensure that those items don’t inadvertently get packed up and loaded on the moving van.

10. Establish travel arrangements. If you will be driving to your new residence, prepare your path and book your rooms in hotels ahead of time. Likewise, should you be flying, decide on your airline and purchase your tickets. Keep in mind that you might need to stay in a hotel for a short time in your new town if your things won’t be delivered immediately.

11. Transfer memberships as well as files. In the event that you have a health club or golf club membership, take a look at transferring them to your new town. Also, request your child’s school to send their records to the new school as well as for your doctors and dental office.

12. Clean out your storage unit. You might as well go ahead and go through your storage unit, too, and get rid of all things that you don’t want. Beyond that, make sure and tell the managers of the unit that you are moving your belongings out and contact them again once you have vacated the area.

13. Forward your mail. Nowadays, it is simple to forward your snail mail to your new home address. Just go on to the USPS webpage and submit the required information. This is usually a super simple step, nevertheless it’s often forgotten, therefore we wanted to mention it.

14. Confirm your moving date with your mover. You are likely to hear from your moving company in Killeen several days or even a week ahead of your move date, although if you haven’t, at this moment is a good time to go forward and contact them and make certain that your move dates still match what they have on their schedule for you. Last minute schedule adjustments aren't fun for anybody, therefore it’s usually in your best interest to make sure all the particulars to make certain everybody is on the same page.

15. Cut-off and set-up your utilities. The timing of this action is very important because you don’t want to be moving out of your old residence in the dark or moving into your new residence with no heat or air conditioning. Make contact with your present and also future energy companies and figure out what you need to do so that you can guarantee an effortless changeover.

16. Schedule a move-out cleaning. After you have got everything moved out of your old house, you will probably be too exhausted to want to clean. There are cleaning services which focus on vacant homes therefore take into consideration hiring the cleaning done.

17. Let other people know your new home address. This action could be undertaken when you arrive at your new residence, too. However you will want your friends and family to have your new home address. Think about mailing out a change of address card or at a minimum an e-mail to let everyone know that you've moved.

18. Swap contact information with your moving van driver. After all items have been loaded up and the moving truck is getting ready to set off, be sure and ask the driver for the ETA to your new residence and for his cell phone number. Also supply him with your phone number. You need a method to keep in contact when everybody is traveling.

19. Set up a handyman. Be sure and find a reliable handyman after you move to assist with jobs like replacing light fixtures, making basic maintenance tasks or hanging artwork on the walls.

20. Register to vote and acquire a new driver’s license. Updating your voter registration shortly once you move is sensible so that you can vote in any upcoming elections. Your local library or post office usually can provide additional details of how to register. Furthermore, obtaining a new license is important once you have moved to a new state. Look at your local DMV webpage to ensure that you have all of the needed documents before you decide to wait in line, since requirements vary from one state to another.

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