Furniture Disassembly and Assembly in Killeen

Employee Relocation Installation & Disassembly / Assembly Services for Killeen

As a full service employee relocation company located here in Killeen, A-1 Freeman Moving Group supplies a total collection of services to handle even the littlest aspect in relocating from one location to another.

With most employee relocations, the disassembly of specific items such as swing sets, appliances, home theater equipment and other massive, difficult to handle or intricate items can be strenuous and time consuming. Our relocation customers appreciate that we can take care of disassembling any items that need to be taken apart and packed away securely for transport. This removes a lot of the stress and time of the moving process for the employee and makes sure all items are taken apart, labeled for reassembly, and professionally packed for the move.

Typical things we help in disassembly include:
  • grandfather clocks
  • swing sets
  • children play sets
  • appliances
  • pool tables
  • ping pong tables
  • large furniture
  • beds
  • exercise equipment
  • appliances
  • home theater systems
  • other electronics
  • hot tubs
  • special lighting,
  • built in displays
In addition to our disassembly and reassembly services we can also provide other white glove services that comprise of helping with utilities, cleaning, and moving of heavy items. With over 40 years of experience, A-1 Freeman Moving Group has the experience to provide the best possible relocation experience.

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