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November 26, 2018

Safeguarding Your Home From Cold Weather Damage: What New Homeowners Must Know

Protecting Your New Home for WinterBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group

The summer time is a common season for moving to a new home in Killeen. For first time homeowners, it's a time that's overflowing with adventure and enthusiasm as you get to embark on a new path with your family while getting all moved in and settled. It's also a time of year when you have to commence contemplating how you can protect your house from the extreme elements of approaching cold weather that is coming up next as the seasons change. If you are new to the realm of homeownership, follow this advice to make certain your house is winter weather ready this year:

Install Faucet Covers

Replacing ruptured water pipes and faucets is definitely an an expensive situation, specifically for new homeowners who have paid out a great deal of funds to move to Killeen to their new residence to begin with. Before cold weather takes hold, make sure to install insulated faucet covers on all the faucets on the outside of of your home. This is also the perfect time to examine all exposed piping around your residence and cover it up as necessary.

Clean the Gutters

Ideally, you'll have gutters with built in covers or screens to prevent leaves and also crud from entering the drainage reservoirs in the first place, however if not, then you need to try to clean them out prior to when the frigid weather has arrived. Stopped up gutters get bogged down with water and additional weight if they are not draining properly, and this can lead to the gutters falling off your house.

Clean the Sidewalks

Leaves and other landscape rubble can get slimy when it begins to rot and decay in rain and snowy conditions, and so this might lead to slip and fall risks. Have a hands-on method to protect your family along with company from incident and blow the clutter away prior to when frigid weather sets in.

Seal Windows and Doors

Drafts squander significant energy and can lead to more costly heating costs when wintry weather begins. Examine each door and window at your residence and figure out if you're able to feel a breeze spilling through. Foam strips are a quick and reasonably priced way to seal up the drafts in doors and windows. They come in a number of various thicknesses as well as sizes, and have adhesive backs, to ensure that they will stick to just about any surface. Down the road, you can consider buying storm or replacement windows and doors which will perform a considerably better job insulating your home all climates and seasons of the year.

Hearth Assessment and Cleaning

Chimney fires genuinely are a dangerous problem that may be avoided with a bit of TLC in advance of when Mother Nature flips down the temperature. Creosote buildup and bird's nests are the most typical reasons for chimney fires and may be cleaned out quickly by a skilled chimney sweep, who'll employ special tools and brushes to clean out soot and creosote debris.

Furnace Maintenance

Now could be the right time to take a look at the furnace, replace the air filters, and make certain the device is functioning as it should. Your furnace ought to automatically detect when the temperature drops in your home and turn on appropriately. When you have confirmed that your furnace is functioning properly, go around the house and look at each and every heater vent to make certain they are simply open and clear of hindrances.

Protect Deck Furniture as well as Bbq grills

Nasty winter weather elements can cause your outside grill and deck furniture to corrode and decay. Prior to when winter makes its presence felt, invest in a grill cover and outdoor furniture covers. Clean your equipment, allow it to dry completely, and afterwards carefully cover it for the wintertime. Chair covers, cushions, and pillows needs to be kept in the garage until warm temperatures show themselves once more in the spring.

Plan ahead and defend your home and outdoor stuff from the extreme elements of winter. By making sure your house is winterized during the fall months, you will save money and time without having to bear the stress of costly home repairs.

We at A-1 Freeman Moving Group have all the crews and resources on hand to enable you to move into your new residence, and can provide you with advice and tips concerning how to best protect your new investment once you are all settled in.

Contact us now so we can aid with all your residential move to Killeen!

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The Mickelson Family
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