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March 19, 2023

Do These Things Before the Movers Arrive

Getting ready to MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You've picked the perfect moving company in Killeen, packed all your possessions into cartons, confirmed your move date, mapped out your road trip, packed your travel bag, and also have a new place all lined up and waiting at your destination. After all that hard work to get everything prepared... moving day is now here. And, if you have done a thorough job, you might well find yourself perched on the couch waiting for the moving truck thinking... what do I do now?

Having a few hours to yourself on moving day can be comforting, exhausting, exciting, or even ambiguous. Everybody react differently, but you don't have to just sit around waiting for the truck to show up. Here are a few wise chores to do while waiting for the moving van to arrive.

Final Drawer Check

Take a final walk through your house and complete a final check of every nook and cranny, closet, cabinet, and upper shelf. Be sure you're not neglecting something or deserting a box in a closed room where the professional movers in Killeen might not discover it. It could be helpful to keep one last half-full carton open to collect the odd sock, necklace, or bath towel which you might discover in the back corners of the cabinetry on your last walk through.

This is a great time to also take a gander at each bathroom. Be sure there is TP, a hand towel, and hand soap in each one. This is not only important for you and the movers on moving day, it's also a nice way to leave the house: bathroom-ready.

Clear Space for the Movers

Next, ponder where the moving truck will have room to park. You’ll need a long area, generally curbside, with the rear (or side) of the moving van pointing toward your residence when that is a possibility, when you reside in a parking-space controlled area, you could need to reserve a row of single spaces for your truck on the big day.

Then thing about the path your professional movers in Killeen will be walking and prepare a wide path for them to safely follow. You might place down rugs if there is mud, however a lot of professional moving companies in Killeen will put down floor runners to keep your floors neat. You can also take any obstacles out of the way to speed up the move and also remove tripping hazards.

Read the Contract & Discard Unmovables

While waiting for the truck, take a moment to peruse your moving contract as well as paperwork. The contract could likely list specific items which the professional movers in Killeen can’t move, often by law. In the event you have some questions about what can and cannot be put on the truck, call your move coordinator. He or she would be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Pack Your Car

Last but certainly not least, make sure that your vehicle is packed and ready to head out. Most likely, once the professional movers have left and you've swept the place one last time, you'll be setting out for good. Top off your gas as well as oil levels. Double check your overnight bag and also make sure the plants as well as domestic pets will be ready to go when it's time.


When you have taken care of everything else, waiting for the moving van can seem like a long span of empty time. But with this checklist, you should have your time productively occupied so that everything is ready when the moving truck shows up. For more moving tips or to get started on your moving estimate, contact us today!


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