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March 10, 2019

6 Ways that Smart Phones Have Made Moving to Killeen a Thousand Times Easier

Using Smartphone for MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to Killeen used to include much more guess work and -- let's not pretend -- prolonged monotonous hours than it does today. Think about moving during a decade as recent as the 90s. Fundamental internet, no cell phones. You needed to search for moving companies through the yellow pages and assume which one was the most suitable. Selecting a eating place for moving night required a collection of amassed takeout menus or driving about to determine what was accessible. And through your long-distance moving road trip? No smartphone to check in, arrange places to stay, or tune in to podcasts with.

As beneficial as cell phones have been, the progression of smartphones really has made the complete moving process a thousand times simpler. Let's take a brief look into all the ways a "simple" smartphone may be used to make your move to Killeen simpler, less hazardous, and more gratifying all in one tiny plastic case.

Researching the Move

Many people check out apartments on their cell phones well before they ever launch the moving process. And when you have a new residence decided on, you'll likely make use of your cell phone to research professional moving companies, packing techniques, and buy supplies online. Your smartphone could also be used to find charities and trash hauling providers to take care of your donations as well as trash you'll be leaving behind.

Navigating the Road Trip

Next, you'll naturally wish to check out your route to Killeen. A smartphone with built-in GPS is the ideal dash nav if your car doesn't have one integrated. You simply need a magnetic or clamping dash bracket and a continuous source of power to your smartphone. Running Google Maps or a similar application, you can easily direct yourself confidently along known roadways the entire way from your previous home to the new one with zero potential for getting lost.

Finding Stops During the Trip

Certainly, your phone is perfect for not only a map and directions. You can utilize modern apps to locate restaurants, motels, along with enjoyable sites to stop on the way. And the route updates in the event you go off-course or want to incorporate a detour, and that is incredibly handy in comparison to paper road maps or old-fashioned printed out MapQuest directions.

Staying in Contact with Your Movers

While you are traveling to your new residence, so are your professional movers. And you will find a lot of situations where you should convey messages one way or another. If you're detained as you go along, you may need to alert your movers of that delay. Likewise, they could need to call you if there is a bump, bad weather, or holdup on their route.

A smartphone permits you and the moving company to keep connected as well as coordinate your arrivals despite the fact that both parties are individually on the road.

Addressing Issues

And then, occasionally, there are roadside emergencies. If you get a flat tire, witness an accident, or perhaps get caught in a natural disaster on your excursion; that smartphone will be your lifeline. Having a smartphone, it is possible to contact AAA, 911, or your mom hinging on what type of crisis occurs.

It's also possible to easily get yourself a hotel room, arrange for a repair shop to get and also repair your automobile, and get back on your way simply by walking to the closest McDonalds and utilizing the complimentary WIFI. And that is perhaps the most sensible thing of all about moving with the power of a smartphone.

Activities on Vacant Home Day

Your experience is simply not over when you arrive at your new residence. Generally, the individual moving gets to the property ahead of the moving truck shows up. Thus, you might find yourself with more than some hours in an vacant home with not much to unpack and no one to visit. That's ok, because you have a smartphone.

Today's streaming applications make it feasible to occupy yourself for countless hours with nothing but a smallish to medium-sized phone. In case you brought a tablet or laptop computer along with you on the move, all the better. Together with any smart phone, it is possible to convert mundane Vacant House Day to a day of leisure and entertainment. Watching movies, playing games, or having a big-empty-floor dance party while you have the perfect chance.

Calling for First-Night Takeout

And lastly, there's the question of what you'll eat on that first evening. Whether you're in an echoing bare residence or perhaps flanked with packed cartons, chances are that you are not in the mood to prepare a meal. Ahead of smartphones, you might have to drive about to find out what's available. Currently, it's easy to search for close by eating places that deliver and have a yummy meal show up hot at your new front door in under an hour.


Moving to Killeen might be stress filled traditionally, but your next move doesn't have to be all that problematic. With groundwork, a cool head, and a smartphone at hand you'll be able to take on the world.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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