Packing for Your Move - Let the Purge Begin


Packing for Your Move in Killeen - Let the Purge Begin

Moving is no fun. If you're moving across town or across the country, it's decision time--what to do with all the trove of treasures (and not-so-dear-to-you possessions) you've accumulated? Everything you own must move (thus, moving) and someone is going to have to sort it, box it, and put it on a truck. And then repeat the process in reverse once you're at your new place to live. Are you going to handle it by yourself, or will you enlist someone? And will you have the pros for a turn key move, or pack yourself and have the movers come with a truck or two to load, transport and unload?

It is a lot to ponder, and your budget may be an essential component in determining the portion of your move you want to subcontract. But despite your budget, your time frame or anything else, you want to actually box and move as little as feasible. As soon as you realize you might be moving, begin thinking about the purge.

When you go through your residence and really look at all your things, the prospect of packing it all up is crushing. That's why you should begin clearing, de-cluttering, donating, and dumping as soon as you start thinking about new homes. If you're selling your house, your realtor will be all over you regarding the de-cluttering and de-personalizing before it goes on the market, so you might as well get boxes and trash bags and dig in. Cleaning house is an sentimental challenge, especially if you've been in the house awhile, so follow this Protocol for Purging for a hassle-free clearing out.

The One-Year Rule

The rule of thumb is, if you haven't got it out of the closet in a year, get rid of it. This makes a lot of sense for kid’s clothes and current fashion, but you don't need to discard that Hermes scarf if you didn't get around to wearing it last winter. Practically speaking, why haven't you worn it? if it doesn't fit, is out of style, or your lifestyle has changed (if you're no longer in the corporate world and have a closet full of suits in various shades of navy blue), feel free to consign or donate. If you're undecided, ask yourself is it worth the time and money to pack up and move? A few weeks into packing, you'll be entirely cutthroat, where in the beginning you'll have a barren box of things to donate with a sweater, two pairs of maternity jeans and ratty tennis shoes, so grant yourself plenty of time to purge closets, dressers, and cabinets.

If you don't have a shredder, buy a cross-cut one that can even shred CDs. As you are purging and shredding old paperwork, save the shreddings in good-sized trash bags as you empty the shredder’s bin and then use it as packing material to put in boxes so the innards don't shift in transport.

Who's Doing the Heavy Lifting in Killeen?

When you're taking time away from purging is a grand time to interview moving companies; you'll want to decide how much help you need and get on their calendar as early as possible. In the event that you're having the movers box your belongings for you, you'll still need to weed through all your stuff for purging. The packers mission is to pack, not to decide what to keep. If you have a dirty ashtray on the coffee table, count on seeing it again when you unpack. There are some items a moving company can't transport, and some things that they won't move. Anything flammable or toxic (gasoline, propane tanks, ammunition, nail polish and remover (seriously), and chemistry sets are a few of the things that can't be commercially moved. Click here for further information on items that cannot go on the moving truck.

Being proactive ahead and giving yourself plenty of time to purge and pack are very important for a successful move. Remember, everything you decide to take with you has to be packed and moved, so be sure you're taking only what you cannot live without to your new abode.