Killeen Vanline Storage vs. Self Storage When Moving

A-1 Freeman Moving Group recognizes that, with the myriad other things you’ve got to consider in connection with your Killeen residential move, there’s one thing you might not have thought about: storage. But that might wind up] putting a huge hex on your move arrangements. A good number of Killeen people have found it worthwhile, if not {{necessary, to de-junk their homes in advance of a move. Others need to vacate their current homes before their new homes are ready for residency. And still others have all manner of reasons for not being able to take delivery of their belongings at their new locations instantly. What then do they do with their stuff? They find a place to store it..

Most moving companies – A-1 Freeman Moving Group is certainly one of them – offer their customers an array of short-term and long-term storage options. The industry term for this is “vanline” storage. Its cost is up to the company and will take into account the options you choose, of course.

But many Killeen people opt to find their own storage solutions, as opposed to those of their moving company. It’s smart to compare|contrast|juxtapose|correlate]59] what vanline storage gives you with what self storage provides. The chart below should help you do that.





·         The van line assumes complete control of your move from start to finish.

·         You have the convenience of one-stop shopping for [[each of your moving and storage needs.

·         You interact with just one point of contact.

·         You can take comfort knowing everything is being managed for you professionally by one company.


·         The weight of locating a moving company, plus a separate mini-storage solution, plus a company to move your household goods out of storage falls right in your lap and [[your lap alone|no one’s but yours|nobody else’s]81.

·         You must pass your belongings off to staffers from multiple companies – a different company with different people at each and every phase of the transit-storage-delivery out process.

·         “Delivery out” is provided for in the van line’s storage fee.


·         You have to hitch up with a local mover to move your household goods out of mini storage or do it yourself.

·         All your possessions – especially your more treasured furniture pieces and equipment – remain pad-wrapped and protected while they’re in vanline storage.


·         Once a driver delivers your household goods to the separate storage warehouse you’ve selected, he has to  unwrap all furniture pads because they belong to him or his company; you can’t hang onto them. You’ll need to^ must}112} find something else to place over your stuff if you want it properly kept in storage.

·         Your belongings are kept safe, secure, and free of insects and vermin inside the vanline’s commercial warehouse.


·         While they can be safe and secure, the preponderance of mini-storage units are too easily has no liability whatsover for their condition while stored or once they’re taken out of^’re removed from}145} storage. 

·         Vanline storage does have one conceivable drawback: While your possessions are in storage, you have considerably restricted access to them. They can be retrieved, but that involves vanline labor and will cost you an additional fee.


·         Mini storage, by comparison, lets you have full control of your belongings and access to them round the clock.

·         All vanline warehouses are tractor-trailer friendly and can accommodate a moving van.


·         Many a tractor-trailer. That means the driver must offload your possessions onto a smaller truck to get them into storage. Result? Your household goods have to be handled one more time than would otherwise be required – which ups the likelihood of damage and could elevate your costs.

Juggling the pros and cons of vanline storage versus self storage, one must surely hand the advantage to vanline storage. Your specific state of affairs, though, may lead you to a different conclusion. But the choice is yours. And it’s well worth pondering at the start of your move planning. Need some assistance deciding? See us at A-1 Freeman Moving Group. We suspect you’ll like the storage alternatives we have for you.


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