Coming in On the Storm--Moving to Killeen in Bad Weather

Moving in bad weatherBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

In a perfect world, moving day is going to be a warm 72 degrees along with a light breeze and low humidity. The birds will sing, and also the chipmunks will help with small cartons. But, in the real world, particularly as summer time winds down and the weather becomes a a bit more petulant, you've got to be prepared for bad weather which might dampen moving day.

Foremost, a note about hurricanes. A hurricane can be described as humongous storm, with strong winds and lightning possibilities. At the moment, there are several churnings in the waters in the southern US that range from minor nuisances to cataclysmic and can impact a fair area of the nation. When your move is booked for a time or place that coincides with the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane, postpone it. A professional moving company won't risk their employees and equipment, but in the case you're the DIY variety simply reschedule. Forecasting nowadays is advanced enough that you are cognizant of imminent storms weeks out, so plan appropriately.

Here is how to handle your move to Killeen throughout lousy winter weather.

Prepare Your Houses

For starters, make sure your homes are set. The electricity and water needs to be on at your new home, so you can get prepared for the move-in if your new home is within the route of the weather. Request your realtor to confirm that there is a water faucet on somewhere to keep the pipes from freezing, and that also the thermostat is set to a minimum of 55 degrees--nobody wants to get home to find a broken pipe. Should you be moving long distance, hire someone to clear the driveway and also salt the walkways in order to get inside the house safely. For a nearby move in Killeen, send a teenager or your usual snow removal contact over to do the clearing after your old residence is done.

Protect the entry with old blankets or towels to keep the slipperiness of tile or wood floors down not to mention minimize mud, salt, and snow tracking inside your home.

Professional movers in Killeen have learned to pack and prep your possessions in order that they will not be damaged in terrible weather. You are very likely to notice a lot of moving pads and plastic wrap. Some fragile things--art, china, or electronics--are susceptible to temperature, so if you've packed these items yourself talk to the movers to verify that those things are correctly protected against the cold.

Talk to the movers to verify that there are not any leaking places in the truck--it's a small possibility but one that everybody wants to circumvent.

Prepare Yourself

It will likely be a lengthy, and frankly, a unpleasant day should you be moving in the rain or snow. Find your camping gear--waterproof footwear, tarps, extra stockings, ponchos, and rain jackets--or your snow stuff--ski pants, mittens, hats, and hand warmers--and get some dry garments handy for the drive. It's important that you layer--as you commence moving you may get hot therefore you don't want to overheat.

Prepare Your Vehicles

If you are driving to the new house, have your cars serviced prior to moving day. A whole tank of fuel is a given, but get your repair shop to check out the tires and under the hood before you go. Sure, you've got AAA, but don't assume you're going to be the sole motorist in distress on that day.

Prepare an extra route to your new residence--if secondary roadways are the perfect option on a clear and dry day, the same will not always be correct in a winter storm. Adhere to main roads--interstates and main highways--since you can rest assured those will likely be cleared and salted frequently to avoid ice buildup.

Prepare to Stop

What is important to prepare for is the chance that your move to Killeen might cease midway-if circumstances decline to the condition it is not safe to drive. You should make hotel reservations for a night or 2 at home and in route the instant you receive the awful forecast (be sure to incorporate your pets); it is easy to cancel if you need to.

There are lots of apparent benefits of employing a professional moving company, but it's the intangibles which matter most. When you use skilled pros, they are able to guide your move to Killeen through lousy weather conditions with experience and care.


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