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February 08, 2023

Moving to a New State in 2023? Essential Tips for Interstate Moving

Moving to a New StateBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Preparing for a long-distance move to a new state is a hectic as well as stressful event. There’s lots to plan for! You aren’t only organizing your house for a huge one-trip move, but you are also preparing for an entirely new life. This means that planning as well as partnering with great people, like professional movers in Killeen, is vital to your interstate moving success.

Here at A-1 Freeman Moving Group, we assist lots of families and also individuals make it through a successful move to a new state, and we’re here to help today with guidelines that might keep your long-distance moving plans on-track as well as mostly chaos-free. Let's dive into good tactics to prepare for moving to a new state in 2023.

Secure and Prepare Your New Home

An important component to a successful interstate move is preparing your home. This is more than simply getting the key (which is important), you additionally need to make sure the utilities are on and the refrigerator, water heater, and furnace or A/C already running before you arrive with boxes to unload.

Choose an End-to-End Interstate Moving Company

The moving company in Killeen you choose might guide critical parts of your moving experience…the portion where all your stuff gets securely from one home to the next. Look for a professional mover in Killeen who possesses a good local reputation, a lot of glowing online reviews, and the capacity to take care of long-distance moves. A full-service moving company in Killeen might additionally help you take care of tasks like packing, delicate items, and furniture disassembly and reassembly.

Send or Order Some Items Ahead of Your Arrival

If you want additional supplies when you get to your new home, do not move with them. Rather, schedule deliveries to meet you at the new home. Doing this can lighten your load and make sure you have your essentials at the new home. You might also use this suggestion to send yourself a moving care package for your planned day of arrival. These things may include winter gear for a cold climate or replacement items for things that you chose not to bring with you. Many people don’t transport large furniture items and buy new furnishings to suit the new house, for example.

Pack Your Essentials to Go with You

Over a long distance move, you will have to take a plane or car trip to get to your new home. This means preparing for travel. You will not want to pack all your personal things into boxes to transport onto the moving van. Before packing is complete, pack a suitcase and overnight bag of the clothes, electronics, medications, and other essential items you may want over your trip while separated from your household goods.

Consider FILO When Loading the Moving Van

What items do you want to have available to unpack first? Bathroom stuff, kitchen essentials, and bedding are usually towards the top of the list. Label these cartons to be loaded in the truck last, which will make them be taken off first after the truck arrives. This should allow you to set up your bedroom, bathroom, and commence cooking immediately. You might have other first-out priorities also, such as items for your furry friends or children, or entertainment to spice up the rest of the unpacking.

This process is called FILO, or First In, Last Out - which also means Last In, First Out when it comes to moving. Consult your professional movers in Killeen regarding this method and how to get the results you're looking for while making certain the truck is tightly packed.

The "No Sock Left Behind" Final Sweep

Do a final check and ask a friend or relative to be another set of eyes. Check each cabinet, drawer, and also closet. Look on upper shelves that you require a chair or step to see, and don't forget to peek into the attic, basement, or crawl space where long-term storage items might be located. This is called the "no sock left behind" method and often finds several final personal items that might have been left behind.

Keep In Touch with Your Professional Movers

Have the number of your moving company in Killeen with you and ask for the cell number of your driver. This should help you keep in contact should you or the moving truck run into delays along the route.

Enjoy a Efficient Long-Distance Move with A-1 Freeman Moving Group

The A-1 Freeman Moving Group team is experts at assisting families and individuals accomplish a good door-to-door move. We will help you choose the moving services you need, construct a timetable which works for you, and coordinate so that your items arrive safely and on time. No matter if you are moving from one state over or across the country, moving to a new state does not have to be stressful if you're working with the A-1 Freeman Moving Group team.


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