What to Do When Rainy Day = Moving Day in Killeen

rainy dayBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You've organized your move to Killeen diligently. Everything is packed up, the professional movers are going to be here in the near future, and the weather has been clear and full of sun for many days. However on the day of your move, you get up to the light pitter-patter of wet weather soaking in your lawn and also shimmering on the pavement. Bad weather is the very last thing you want if you are preparing for a major moving day. Who wants saturated stuff, slick walkways, and extra mud to cope with? But don't panic! Being a moving company which has existed for upwards of 40 years, we've seen plenty of moving days, rain or shine, and we assure you can make it through with marginal wetness and mud as you go along.

Here's how to handle a stormy moving day in Killeen like a master...

If You See the Rain:

Put Aside Cleaning Supplies & Bath towels

The first thing you'll want to do is ensure that your cleaning supplies as well as towels won't go into the truck too soon. Despite the fact that your professional movers are going to set down floor protection, you will likely choose to mop once the move is over and perhaps during the day if there is ample mud or even tracked-in puddles to deal with. Thus, have your mop and pail all set to go and in a position to toss last inside the moving truck.

Towels are usually similarly helpful for different purposes. Towels are able to dry off lightly wet belongings after they enter into the truck, wrap belongings to survive quick wet weather exposure, and mop up floor puddles should they happen. Thus, have a few bath towels on hand and don't be bashful about quick-wash or quick-drying them through the day. Contemplate putting down towels proactively through high-traffic paths.

Park the Truck Right Up to The Entrance

Subsequently, you must do everything possible to limit the amount of time your stuff is carried under the open wet sky. Covered porches are good for increasing your rain-protected walk if you have one. Either way, you will want to back the truck up as close to your home as is possible, thinking about the ramp size if necessary. This may decrease the number of raindrops that can fall on your things as well as moving group during the day.

Everybody Don Non-Slip Shoes

Lastly, request all your family and also move-assisting buddies to wear genuine shoes or boots. Sneakers having rubber soles are advised, and slick flip flops are the worst. Seriously, nobody needs to be wearing sandals whilst moving anyway but additionally be cautious about slippery urban sneaks such as Converse which can become hazardously slippery in the rain. You may even desire to hand out sizeable plastic ponchos for the outdoor team.

To Protect Your Items:

Covered Porches and Make-Shift Tarp Roofs

Attempt to set up as much cover for your outdoors walking course as you possibly can. Make use of covered porches when you can and check out the position for possible inventive utilization of tarps. You could be able to string a tarp from the top of the truck on the side of your porch, although perhaps not. Do not go overboard but attempt to lessen the rain-exposed area between the door and the moving truck.

Cover Pieces of furniture & Boxes for Precipitation Exposure

Next, consider the way in which you might transfer pieces of furniture and cartons out of the doorway into the truck without getting them saturated. Tarps are good for this, too, but you can also get innovative and make use of things you already have. Good sized garbage bags, for example, can certainly wrap cartons or perhaps be put over home furnishings as you go along however have a greater possibility of catching air and flying away compared to a heavy tarp.

Even blankets along with towels can safeguard your items from a few feet of mild drizzle when you move rapidly.

Plastic Crates back and forth to the Moving truck

Consider buying a few good sized plastic totes from the neighborhood home improvement store. They are extremely effective for moving smaller belongings or cartons and can be used repeatedly. Use a closed plastic crate like a rain shield, placing items inside, then emptying the crate inside the moving truck and returning for another protected load. This method may take a bit more time but can keep your items free of moisture.

Towel Everything Off inside the Truck

And when belongings do make it on the moving van, have someone inside with a pile of bath towels waiting to dry them off. A fast towel-off may make a huge difference for lightly soggy as well as plastic-protected things and may additionally reduce the moisture in the truck through the move.

Keep bath towels inside likewise to be able to towel off tarps, packing containers, and plastic wrap that has carried out its job yet got soaked in the process.

To Safeguard Your Flooring surfaces:

Floor Mats for Foot Wiping

Should there be mud on the moving path, put down heavy-duty floor mats / welcome mats at any entrance being used. Recommend foot wiping for everybody and be prepared to shake out the mats to utilize over halfway through the move. Place down towels to counteract puddles.

Bucket Brigade Through the Entrance

One superb technique to help keep your floors clean during a wet or muddy move is to work in a bucket-brigade manner. Have one team of individuals inside with clean shoes picking up boxes and furniture to get them to the front entrance door, and another crew with muddy footwear taking belongings from there to the truck. Make use of your tiled entranceway or perhaps covered porch as the hand-off area.

Towel-Up Puddles & Mud Slicks Quickly

Lastly, keep those towels and also mop-bucket on hand to instantly clean all messes which make it inside. Mud can be put right back outside or mopped up and dumped down a drain and puddles may be soaked up with bathroom towels. If your bath towels end up being extremely soaked as you go along, toss all of them in the dryer (if it isn't presently loaded on the moving truck) or look for places to hang them in rotation.

If all this organizing sounds a bit overwhelming, bear in mind, if hiring professional movers in Killeen, they'll take the hassle out of a stormy moving day by determining the logistics of everything for you in an effort to lessen the exposure to your belongings.


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