Planning a Last-Minute Move to Killeen During the Late Summer Rush

Packing and MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

When for preparing a move, you understand that you must have a specific amount of time to prepare for packing, reserving time with the moving company in Killeen, and your journey using the moving van. Many of us have many months of advance warning to plan their move and solidly arrange the moving services they need. But sometimes, a move occurs for us unexpectedly. Maybe you are transferred to a new position and a totally new area with your employer, perhaps there's a family emergency and you must cross the state in a hurry. And regrettably, these abrupt moving plans sometimes take place right during the summer time moving season rush when moving companies close to their busiest levels and most booked.

The good thing is that you're not trapped having to DIY the complete move using a rented moving truck. You could still receive the professional moving company services you'd usually rely on with the right tactics and a little flexibleness. Today, we're here to supply a handful of helpful tips on completing a last-minute move to Killeen even when it happens over the end of summer season rush.

Complete the Majority of Your Packing DIY

What truly matters for most people is having the cartons loaded onto the moving truck, the hefty household furniture safely moved, as well as the large moving van handled by knowledgeable professional movers. Nevertheless what about packing? Packing can be extremely time intensive, so if you are thinking of a DIY pack job, here are some items to keep in mind.

You are more than capable of folding your closet into boxes and also hanging bags. With some internet guides, you can figure out how to utilize packing paper and dish packing grids to ensure your dishes, cookware, and collectors items are safely packed. Certainly, you can pack up most of the not-so-delicate stuff in your closets and you may even be able to recruit friends, neighbors, or perhaps co-workers to make it happen quicker should you be willing to reimburse them in pizza.

Even when you elect to not have a professional moving company in Killeen provide help to pack, they can assist you to equip yourself to pack adeptly using the cartons, packing products, furniture pads, and dish grids you require to do it properly. And, if you've found yourself with part of the packing concluded and are aware that you're in over your head, don't be scared to pick up the phone and call your local moving company to ask for help.

Be Available to Move on Weekdays

The weekend is the one greatest demand time for moving companies regardless of what time of year it is. It may truly not be possible to identify a summer time weekend that is not booked. However weekdays differ. Due to the fact significantly fewer people are available to supervise the moving process on mondays to fridays, movers often times have these days, or maybe available hours during weekdays, open and accessible for last-minute movers who failed to book a saturday or sunday many months ahead of time.

For lots of people who have to move abruptly, weekdays are less of a challenge because your regular schedule and plans have already been flipped on their head. When your work is moving you, you could be in a position to ask for a couple of extra paid days off to deal with the unexpected move. In case you are switching work, you may have enough time at home on weekdays to deal with this scheduling quirk.

And if it's not possible to be available on weekdays, you could potentially be able to get in touch with a pal or neighbor who's available who can supervise the move on your behalf whilst you're on the job.

Talk with Your Movers and Ask for Guidance

Lastly, you shouldn't be bashful to question your moving company for additional tips. Professional movers in Killeen understand better than anybody else what it's like to take care of a hurried moving job and will be more than pleased to give a couple of pointers. Confer with your movers about your mutual schedules to determine the best days where both you and they are available and take into account any recommendations they supply concerning how to make the timetable work.

Your movers could even have valuable advice and expert suggestions from decades of know-how on how to pack up speedier, how to keep your treasured belongings safe while rushing, and what to do concerning un-movable things like houseplants, domestic pets, or perhaps your chemistry set collection.


Moving at the eleventh hour, even in the course of summer time moving rush, doesn't need to indicate carrying it out all oneself. If you're prepared to work with your moving company in Killeen, we are able to assist you in finding the right dates, times, and techniques to get the whole thing completed on time to the maximum level of quality even though there isn't any time to produce careful moving plans.


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