How to Limit Downtime in a Corporate Office Move

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

There is no question that your business will encounter some downtime while you are moving to Killeen, the question is the best way to decrease that time frame. Nowadays, "downtime" describes the time you are offline and cut off from buyers and distributors--not the time put in actually moving furnishings and hardware from point A to point B.

There are 3 major elements to restricting your time offline, and if you implement all three you will be able to accomplish a seamless transition. But here's the trick--you can't select two out of three; there's a synchronicity to this method which requires concentration on each of the three portions.

Point Person and Preparation

If you were to note one thing from perusing this, it is that you'll require one person in control. And that single person's main undertaking is to handle all the planning and logistics of the move.

Determine a budget for the move and set your point person free to speak to and hire a professional office moving company in Killeen. Listed here are a few various jobs your internal “concierge” should supervise.

Service providers--everybody from the paper delivery guy to the internet provider--have to know your move time as soon as possible, and also any adjustments to the range of their work. Create a timeline of when services may be disconnected in your existing area and when they're going to be live in the new one. If at all possible, there exists a day or two overlap to ensure you are protected should there be a snafu with the actual move.


Get your point person a floor plan of the new place when you have any upfit specifics and discuss it with the professional movers in Killeen. This information not only helps calculate prices (ground floor vs elevator, loading docks, and so forth.), but permits the crew structure the circulation of the move-in. A copy of the layout really will help the designers set desks and chairs and also other components in front of the move and that subsequently lessens the actual loading in the area.

IT Room

Call it what you will--IT Closet, Server Room, Corridor of Sadness and Confusion--the earlier you establish where that place is, your IT team can get prepared for running cabling and whatnot.

Presumably, should you be moving your workplace you are also opting for the latest in technology. If you haven't upgraded your systems for a while, you are in for a pleasant surprise--that substantial room you needed for all your existing equipment has shrunk so much that you could simply need a small space devoted to the IT equipment.

Now's also a great time to evaluate your technological accessories--the gear that shields you if something wrong happens. These would include your power backups, surge suppressors, fire extinguishers, and HVAC.


If you're making use of cloud and your team can perform remotely over the move, you may be equipped to keep proceeding without having any online downtime. In case that's not your state of affairs, be sure that your moving magician has each of these specifics nailed down.

Your IT team needs to have all the wiring and hookups for workstations, printers, and telephones confirmed and geared up for action when the new equipment enters in the door. If you are buying new equipment, ensure everything is ready to allow them to plug it in when the desks and chairs get delivered.

Dealing with All the Specifics

Your concierge deals with all the internal details and hands-off details when needed to the moving company, suppliers, and other people that need to be in the loop. This frees up the remainder of the staff to stay focusing on their actual work instead of questioning where exactly they will locate the files. It may also help morale to understand that there will be one individual managing pretty much everything, and they know where to go to eradicate the gossip that you are doing away with the free coffee drinks.

In short, for those who have a plan plus the right point person and office moving company in Killeen implementing the plan, your company move can be seamless and worry-free.


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